Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Genesis of a Kid’s App for Eating Healthy

The Prisoner of Carrot Castle iPad App
A late-in-life discovery found me with cancer from a genetic condition. Believing that my healthy lifestyle had saved me from a more serious prognosis, I changed my diet even further (eliminating sugar, alcohol and meat except wild-caught fish), incorporated an herbal extract called Vitae Elixxir into my daily routine and beat the odds, returning to a healthful state.

Now I want to make others aware of healthy eating and the benefits of herbs, especially at a time when childhood obesity trends are increasing.

Since I love crafting stories for kids, I wrote a story and created an interactive app for the iPad, which offers a deeper reading experience. First book in the Veggie Chronicle series, The Prisoner of Carrot Castle is a fun and beautifully illustrated storybook following the adventures of Aiden in his imaginary world as he conquers his dislike for veggies. Children discover that eating vegetables is what real heroes do. That is, if they want to eat their way out of a wicked king’s clutches.

The subtle health message promoted by the book app offers vivid colors and playful music. Wiggly fingers can discover sound effects and make a mouse (or the hero himself) scamper through a hole. Children can dress (much like paper dolls) a few characters from the book if they patiently focus on small motor skills.

With the choice to have read to me on (or off), pages turned by pulling a carrot from the wall, interactivity with sounds and animations by tapping, sliding and tilting, iPad book apps are clearly the future of reading and learning. Forthcoming updates to the app include parent/teacher reading strategies with curriculum that supports Common Core Standards in education.

***Over 40,000 Downloads***
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Purple Carrot Books, the publisher for these innovative iPad book apps, is focused on influencing young lives for a hopeful, healthy future. With more apps coming (Blondilocks, Ethan Blecher Braves a Bully, and The Slave of Peas Pyramid), parents may find their kids have a change in  healthy behaviors.

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