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Georgia: A Cancer Story of Success

Fighting Cancer
Georgia ~ June 2013
"I just lost my dad and I wasn't about to lose my mom too," said Steve, Georgia's son. Doctors told him she had maybe 60 days to live. Six months later "CT scans and blood work confirm there is no more cancer," says Steve.

How was a frail 85-year-old able to battle and win against the odds? It's a story that inspires any cancer survivor especially those fortunate enough to have a champion like Georgia's son fighting for them every day.

Steve grew up in a family with "can-do" parents. His dad Bud was a self-made man with a big heart. One of many remarkable stories from Bud's life included making friends with a cowboy-oilman-entreprenuer from Wyoming who developed a product based on traditional native-American remedies that he believed cured him of cancer. He dubbed the product Vitae Elixxir.

Vitae Elixxir became a recommendation to family members and friends who wanted to try an effective natural product in their cancer battle. Over the years, word-of-mouth recommendations for Vitae Elixxir grew. Bud developed a passion to help those in health crisis and often spent hours talking with people in person or on the phone.

Georgia knew she was pretty ill even before Bud passed away at the respectable age of 89. She had put all of her energy into caring for him in his last year. Several months earlier, before he died, Georgia's doctors told Steve that his mom and dad would probably die within a few months of one another. Now her symptoms were too urgent to ignore. Steve vowed to put all of his energy into fighting the cancerhe was not going to lose his mom.

The doctors claimed Georgia had a very unique type of cancer, but cancer is always unique to each person because each of us is different. Georgia had stage 3 peritoneal cancer with two tumors (2.5 x 1.5 inches and 3 x 2 inches) in her abdomen. Not wanting to follow the traditional treatment of chemo, she began fighting the cancer using a foot soak of Vitae Elixxir herbs with a proprietary solution that carries the herbs into the tissues more rapidly. It must also be noted that she ate a healthy, fresh-food diet.

Steve poured through the research and contacted trusted family and friends familiar with other natural cancer-fighting solutions. "I was going to throw everything at the disease," said Steve. As a result, he had Georgia take a supplement called Oncolynanother herbal remedy, plus the prescription called Metformin normally used for diabetes, but found to also help reduce the size of tumors in many cancers. Steve had seen a segment on Dr. Oz that discussed the Metformin tumor reducing effects. They also began using the Vitae Elixxir herbs as a poultice applied to her abdomen for one hour every day.

At the same time Georgia agreed to the doctor's recommendation to start chemo, with the stipulation that they stop if she became more ill and weak. Fortunately for Georgia, there were few negative side-effects. "I'm sure the Vitae Elixxir helped to keep my body stronger while taking the chemo," she said in the middle of her treatment. "Vitae Elixxir has properties that kept my white cell count much higher than the doctors expected," she said.

When facing a life-threatening disease like cancer, each person should decide for themselves what choices to make in their treatment. "Self responsibility in treatment is a big part of the solution," said Georgia. Many people just want to do things part-way, like the smoker fighting lung cancer that won't give up smoking. Not going to work.

Although Georgia has no more cancer, she continues to apply the Vitae Elixxir poultice every day. All her friends remark how amazingly bright and healthy she looks. We hope you live a long and healthy life, Georgia.

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  1. Oncolyn by Dr. Arthur Hk Jhnag i believe worked miracles for me ! The tumor was gone on the last scan and the doctors still want to cut me open bc they dont believe in natural remedies!!!!!! I saw my points drop dramatically with oncolyn in a month it saved me! I couldnt even walk at one pt!