Friday, August 9, 2013

Healthy Kids' Snack ~ DIY Trail Mix

I've been making my own trail mix for about four years now. It's great as a healthy snack for the whole family and added to whole grain cereals (e.g., quinoa, steel-cut oatmeal or millet) for breakfast in the morning. Many pre-packaged trail mixes are full of sweetened ingredients like M&Ms, mini-yogurt chips, or chocolate chips. It's a shame to take something healthy (nuts & seeds with a little dried fruit) and add sugary stuff that renders it unhealthy.

This recipe uses organic raisons and dried baby pineapple as natural sweetenersa better alternative, making this a healthier snack that kids will love.

Other ingredients include a variety of nuts and seedsnutrient-rich super foodshigh in fiber, protein, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and essential fats. Besides supporting overall wellness, they help curb appetite and are beneficial in maintaining or losing weight.

NOTE: I suggest you buy organic raisons and grapes because the Environmental Working Group (EWG) classifies grapes as one of The Dirty Dozen, which means unhealthy levels of pesticides are detected in the conventionally grown fruit.

Step 1
Gather the ingredients. I purchased all the ingredients listed here at Trader Joe's.

Raw Almonds
Raw Cashew Pieces
Organic Raisons
Raw Pecan Pieces
Dried Cranberries
Raw Sunflower Seeds
Raw Pumpkin Seeds
Dried Baby Pineapple slices

Step 2
Find an appropriate-sized container with a tight-fitting lid to make and store your trail mix. Add equal amounts of almonds, cashews, raisons, pecans and dried cranberries. Add a larger amount of the seeds.

Step 3
Cut the pineapple slices into strips with a scissors, then cut cross-wise to make small chunks. Add to mix, secure the lid and shake to distribute.

What's a healthy snack you enjoy?


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