Friday, August 16, 2013

My Dog Had Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer on Dogs
Cancer is an ugly thing. It's bad when someone gets it on the inside, but when it shows up with a vengeance on the skin, you can see how destructive it is. Especially for our beloved, furry family members.

I was shocked one day when I discovered an ugly, bloody, gnarled and fleshy spot about the size of a quarter on the upper chest of our chocolate lab Brandy. It was clearly cancer. Only cancer looks that ugly. I suspect it was an aggressive mast cell tumor. Being covered in hair makes it difficult to find skin issues like ticks and skin cancer on dogs.

Instead of taking her to the vet for a $120 appointment with an assured recommendation of surgery and possibly chemo at many more dollars, I decided to use Vitae Elixxir. I had been taking the herbal extract for four years and also used it on a growing spot of actinic keratosis on my thigh. If you read my story, my colon no longer grows polyps (a precursor to colon cancer I am genetically predisposed to) and the spot on my thigh is now normal, healthy skin.

The Vitae Elixxir was applied daily directly on the cancer on Brandy's chest. Because I knew it stings on cancerous skin (not healthy skin), I braced her for the reaction she would have, which was to try to rub it off. Fortunately the spot was in a place she could not reach or rub off.

I treated it for a week then left it alone to scab up and heal. One week later the scab began to fall off leaving healthy skin. Hair quickly grew back where the cancer used to be and you could not tell she ever had a problem.

Another success story using Vitae Elixxir herbal extract.

Do you have a story using Vitae Elixxir? Please go the Facebook page Cancer Success Stories Using Vitae Elixxir and tell your first-person story.


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