Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wisdom Wednesday

Here's a Wisdom Wednesday nugget that should be shared everywhere. How This Family Doctor Lost 75 Pounds Easily Without Portion Control.

This story is very powerful. Not so much because Dr. Lawenda has done a total lifestyle change to get healthy and then dropped 75 pounds in the process. The power comes in the fact that he is a doctor. A doctor practicing conventional medicine until he had his eyes opened through his own life experience. He went from using medicines, procedures and surgeries to recommending his patients adopt a plant-based lifestyle.
"Never once did I imagine that something as simple as changing what I ate, instead of how much I ate, could change my life in such profound ways." Steve Lawenda, MD
Read his story and then share it with your doctor. We are living in a time when we just might begin to make a difference in disease.


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