Friday, June 26, 2015

DIY: Make Your Own Vanilla Extract

DIY Make Your Own Vanilla Extract
Last Christmas our son gave us a package of Madagascar Vanilla Beans he got at Costco. Since I used the last drop of homemade vanilla extract a friend gave us, I thought I'd better make more with the beans our son got us.
DIY Make Your Own Vanilla Extract
This was the easiest thing I've made. We had everything on hand to make the extract:

  • Re-used bottle from vanilla a friend gave us
  • Vanilla beans from our son
  • Vodka from friends who moved out of the country—they gifted us all their liquor
Vodka is the liquor of choice because it has no flavor. But some like to use bourbon, brandy or rum, feeling that it enhances the flavor of the brewing vanilla.

Vanilla Extract
DIY Make Your Own Vanilla Extract
8 oz glass bottle with stopper
7 vanilla beans (package contains about 30)
1 C Vodka, 70 proof/35% alcohol (bourbon, brandy or rum can also be used)

1. Slice the beans lenght-wise and drop into the bottle.
2. Pour the cup of vodka (or liquor of choice) into the bottle making sure the beans are fully submerged.
3. Secure the top tightly and place out of direct sunlight at room temperature.
4. Store for 8 weeks giving it a hearty shake once or twice a week.

Easy peasy lemon squeezie! At the end of 8 weeks you have luscious and delicious vanilla that you made yourself.

What have you done for a DIY home project? Feel free to share your latest with us in the comments.


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