Thursday, June 18, 2015

Kevin Benkowski—Prostate Cancer Survivor Revisited

Kevin Benkowski Prostate Cancer Survivor
The interview with Kevin last month brought questions about what supplements he included in his protocol to address the prostate cancer. Needing to compose the list for himself to take to his doctors, he happily obliged.

But first, "What's going on in the photo?" you ask. During the Integrated Health Conference—Cure to Cancer Summit, Kevin, like myself, was interviewed by Ty Bollinger (shown in the photo with Kevin) for the next edition of the Quest for the Cures... Continues. Ty wanted Kevin to tell his amazing story how he healed his prostate cancer with diet, supplements and lifestyle changes in just three months!

Here is the extensive list of Kevin's supplements, which he continues to take. Please note this is not a recommendation for what to take. Every person should do their own research as Kevin has done. The list is for educational use only and should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
Cancer Free! Are You Sure?Kevin also recommended the book Cancer Free! Are You Sure? by Jenny Hrbacek. This book is unlike any other cancer book. It covers the latest tests available, which are far more effective at detecting cancer than conventional diagnosis methods like mammograms, biopsies or PET scans. Read all about the book on the Cancer Free! Are you Sure? website.

If you have more questions for Kevin, he invites you to contact him at the following address: kb[at]intraderma[dot]net.

Thank you, Kevin, for being an advocate for change in how cancer is treated and healed.


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