Friday, May 1, 2015

5 Tips to Detox Your Home

5 Tips to Detox Your Home
If you have cancer or want to prevent cancer you should be following the same pattern for your home as for your body. That is, don't put anything artificial or poisonous in your home.

There are plenty of things we can't change (or at least it's difficult) about the environment, but there are many things we can do in our homes to clean up. Most household chemicals are endocrine disrupters, which means they play havoc on our hormones—one huge reason why we have so much breast cancer and prostate cancer today. It's an epidemic.

To take charge and do something about what you can change, check out these easy solutions to make your home safer for you and your family.

#1 Reduce/Eliminate Cleaning Chemicals
Bombarded with advertising for a cleaning product to use for each chore in your home? Don't fall for it. You really only need a few. There's nothing like white vinegar and water to get glass and surfaces clean. And if you need something a bit stronger, there are lots of gentle organic cleaners like Ecover. I used Ecover to clean a large grease stain on our dark brown leather sofa. Although it did not remove all the stain, it did a good job at reducing it and never damaged the leather or left a water mark.

Check your dishwashing liquid and laundry soaps. I like to use 7th Generation products. And while we're on the subject of laundry, can somebody explain to me why you use fabric softener? I don't use it, but I can tell when someone does. The towels may be soft, but they don't absorb water (so you're left with a damp body) and they have the softener chemical that then gets on your skin.

Here's a DIY post on making green and safe home products.

#2 Install a Chorine Filter in the Shower

If you don't know that chlorine is a poison, just think about why it's in our water. That's right! It kills stuff. And since your skin is the largest organ in your body, you are literally drinking chlorine every time you shower unless you have a chlorine filter.

Of course, you could have a whole house filter that gets all the badies out of your water. That would eliminate the need for one on your shower.

I've used a chorine shower filter for over 10 years. You can purchase a filter like the one I have from Green Home or Thrive Market. Get the filter and housing unit the first time, then you only have to replace the filter part every year. It's a breeze to change the filter (Replacement filter is on the right), plus the housing has a shutoff valve to conserve water (we need that here in California).

#3 Filter Your Drinking Water
You don't want to be drinking the chemicals in your water. "What chemicals," you ask? Check out the Environmental Working Group's site to find out what's in your water. Besides chlorine and possibly fluoride (not a good thing for us), recently added to the list of chemicals in our water are drugs like antibiotics, hormones and other prescription medicines.

"Oh, I buy bottled water," you say. Unless you're buying water in BPA-free bottles (there are cautions about BPA-free too), you're drinking a huge endocrine disruptor. BPA (Bisphenol A) is a chemical used to make plastics including water bottles. It's also a coating on receipts you get from a retailer and is used to line most food cans.

You might seriously think about getting a filtration system for your kitchen. I have stainless steel drinking bottles and I also save the nice glass bottles my Kombucha comes in to reuse for filtered water in the car and travel. We have a reverse osmosis system, which takes most chemicals out of the water. It's about the best you can do.

#4 Don't Use a Pest Control Service
Every time we had our annual invasion by ants, my husband would insist we get a pest service to spray. And every time I'd put my foot down and protest. If it kills ants it can't be good for us. I don't care what those people say about their product. It's a chemical. It's poison.

#5 Use Only Organic Fertilizers and Pesticides
Your yard should be a safe place to enjoy—romp barefoot and breathe deeply—so why would you spread chemical fertilizers and pesticides all around, some of which linger to keep weeds and pests from coming back. That only means your yard is covered in poison. Use a blast of water or ladybugs to eradicate aphids. And you get a bonus if you find praying mantis in your yard. Most bugs will gnaw a few holes in the leaves of plants. Is having perfect plants worth ingesting poison?

There are great natural fertilizers out there. I like E.B.Stone products.

Take an inventory of your household use of chemicals. What can you change that will make you and your family healthier?


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