Thursday, April 23, 2015

The BIG B.A.S.H. ~ A Scavenger Hunt & Giveway

The BIG B.A.S.H. is HERE. The Book App Alliance (BAA) wants more moms and dads, aunt and uncles, grandparents and librarians, teachers and therapists to discover our wonderful apps. These beautiful, clever, funny, entertaining and educational book apps just happen to be interactive books for kids.

Books that engage the reader get more attention, especially by the reluctant reader.

If you haven't discovered these gems for kids because you're attracted to the shiny appeal of the Disney and Sesame Street offerings. Look no further.

The BAA was founded by independent authors to be an organization of industry leading authors and developers/marketers who offer quality interactive books for kids.

Our mission is to create and grow a community of fans and advocates for the book apps represented here. As a community working together, we bring awareness and spread the word about the BAA book apps to the world.

I am a proud member of the BAA and serve on the Board of Directors. The Prisoner of Carrot Castle (which I wrote and produced) is one of many outstanding book apps represented and among a few that promote a healthy lifestyle for kids. Did you notice Aiden in the middle of the bottom row in the image above?

Apps that promote a healthy lifestyle for kids.

Okay everyone! Let's spread the word. Start the hunt. This will be the easiest Scavenger Hunt you've done.


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