Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Green Tea ~ 6 Ways It Fights Cancer

LOVE coffee. I mean I like the taste—never ruined it with sugar (yeah, even me a former sugar addict). So when I found I needed to eliminate coffee from my diet, I was devastated—kind of describes how I felt about many things I needed to stop eating/drinking.

Reading the book Nature's Cancer-Fighting Foods by Verne Varona started me on my healing diet, which I attribute to the cure for my hereditary curse. Green tea was one of several things I added to fight cancer, which tended to grow in my colon.

Most are familiar with the addictive properties of caffeinated coffee—just try a day without it and get smacked with a whopper caffeine withdrawal headache. But did you know that coffee, regular and decaf, is very acid in the body? When the body becomes acidic due to a bad diet (consumption of processed foods with artificial ingredients and sugar), it becomes a cancer-producing, inflammatory environment.

Green Tea: A Better Beverage
Even though green tea contains some caffeine, it averages 30 to 40 mg compared to 75 to 155 mg for an equal amount of coffee. But the real issue is acid vs alkaline. Coffee is acidic in the body while green tea is overall alkaline. Acid/alkaline balance is critical to cancer prevention and achieving optimum wellness. Just remember these two things: cancer thrives in an acid environment and cannot exist in an alkaline environment.
Cancer thrives in acid environment.
Cancer cannot exist in alkaline environment.

Aside from the alkalizing benefits of green tea, here are more plusses to consider:
  1. Contains EGCG one of the few substances that kill cancer stem cells, which contribute to metastatic cancer.
  2. Suppresses the protein urokinase that contributes to the growth and spread of cancer.
  3. Studies show it offers help against breast cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer and prostate cancer.
  4. Contains other catechins—powerful anti-oxidants effective at inhibiting the growth of cancer cells, lowering cholesterol, improving lipid (fat) metabolism and fighting bacterial infections.
  5. Inhibits the abnormal formation of blood clots.
  6. Fights the cause of allergies in your body.
Seriously, if you want to be cancer-free—effectively help your immune system rid your body of cancer, you should drink green tea as part of a daily regimen.

I drink about 20 oz. of green tea each morning. We infuse the loose leaf green tea in a ceramic tea pot. With no tea bag you get the full flavor of the tea. Otherwise, I find I can taste the bag—even 100% unbleached cotton bags or silk.

Here are detailed brewing instructions for loose leaf tea. We buy our loose leaf tea in bulk quantities from Mighty Leaf. They offer a number of wonderful green tea blends and have regular sales. My favorites include Green Tea Tropical and Citron Green. Remember you can re-use high quality tea 2-3 times before the flavor and benefits are depleted.

I consider green tea an important ingredient in my cancer-fighting regimen. Maybe you should too.

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  1. Matcha tea is simply the tea leaf dried and ground to a powder. I mostly drink green tea as a leaf in various green tea varieties. For example, Green Tea Tropical from Mighty Leaf Tea or Gun Powder (hand rolled leaves with a full robust flavor). Any way you enjoy green tea is good.