Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Now Appearing: Cure Today Online Magazine

I'm happy to announce that I am a new contributor at Cure Today online magazine. Catch my debut article Being Passionate About Health Saved My Life. You may learn a bit more about me you didn't already know.

As you might guess, I provide a different approach than most contributors to the site, who offer stories of survival while undergoing the conventional treatment of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Take a look around and read a few other posts.

Look for future articles at Cure Today that provide motivation and support for a different approach to cancer. Something you (my faithful readers) would expect from me.

Note: If you haven't gotten to see The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest 9-part video series, you would have missed my interview in Episode 9. You'll hear me speak to being an example of epigenetics. Look for epigenetics to be the subject of a future post. Some viewers of the series wrote me and expressed a hope for their genetic cancer condition after watching me.

What would you like to see me address in this blog or at Cure Today?


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