Tuesday, November 10, 2015

20 Questions to Ask Your Oncologist

Chris Wark, fellow cancer conquerer, cancer killer, cancer whisperer and all around nice guy, is making a difference in disseminating the truth about cancer. He just posted a great resource that everyone should have for themselves or someone they know who is facing cancer. Go to ChrisBeatCancer.com and sign-up for his FREE 20 questions for your oncologist.

Asking the right questions is a powerful tool and (as Chris had learned) can save your life.

Chris writes, "Most cancer patients have NO IDEA what they are getting into. They have no idea how effective the treatments will be. They have no idea what the real risks are. They have no idea how much suffering is involved. They have no idea about the long-term damage the treatments will inflict on their body... "

And oncologists are likely not going to tell you... unless you insist and ask the questions.

Getting truthful answers to your questions, may cause you to wonder whether the recommended conventional treatments are worth it. It may send you on a journey to find a better way to heal from cancer. One that will not harm you in the process.

Remember one thing, you have time to get answers—take that time to do your research and be informed. Check our my post I Have Cancer—6 Tips for help.

Which questions on Chris' list surprised you?


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