Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Truth About Cancer

Powerful! is the word to describe the first episode of the 9-part doc-series The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest. I hope you're seeing this!

Ty covers the history of chemotherapy and how the pharmaceutical companies have hijacked our health system turning it into a disease system that heavily promotes the sale of drugs and pads their bottom line. You will be shocked by what he found in his quest across the globe. Ty talked to health practitioners who are healing people from cancer, but at risk of losing their license because they are not using the accepted treatment of chemotherapy and radiation.

My father died at 63 of Stage 4 Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. That was 28 years ago. He lived 4 years with the disease refusing to do chemotherapy, but rather sought more natural means to heal his body.

My life-long healthy lifestyle is home grown. Dad encouraged eating healthy, took supplements, and read Adelle Davis and other early healthy eating champions like Jethro Kloss of Back to Eden. My mother cooked meals from scratch and shunned white bread and TV dinners which came into vogue in the 50's. We also had raw milk delivered to the door each week along with bottled water. Dad also stressed exercise. My most prized possession as a young girl was a 3-speed bicycle.

When faced with cancer, it was dad's drive to be healthy that kept him alive for so long. He used food and alternative therapies like acupuncture in an effort to heal his cancer.

Eventually he put his fate into the hands of the medical system which immediately put him on chemotherapy. Six months later he was dead. The oncologist admitted my dad kept himself alive for many years longer than expected by the treatments he did, although he (the oncologist) did not understand how.

Sad that many doctors today still have no clue how to heal cancer. Instead they administer drugs and radiation that cause more cancer and keep the industry making money at the expense of a bankrupt healthcare system. Really we've lost the war on cancer. Meanwhile there is a different war—against those who practice non-harmful ways to heal cancer.

Please educate yourself about the dangers and insidious foundation of our current treatment for cancer. The only way we can turn the tide is to get people educated. You still have time to register and view the videos for The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest.

And if you know someone who is facing cancer, please send them a link to my post I Have Cancer—6 Tips.


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