Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wisdom Wednesday

I hate to burst anyones' bubble, but I must set the record straight about chocolate. The news regularly reports that chocolate is healthy for you... BUT that is NOT the whole story. What is healthy for you is the raw form of chocolate called cacao, which is dried and unsweetened. Cacao nibs are cacao bean pieces that can be ground to make a powder for recipes.

Known as a super food, the health benefits of raw cacao include:
  • Powerful antioxidant—high in resveratrol, the potent antioxidant found in red wine.
  • Rich in minerals—magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium, zinc, copper and manganese.
  • Boosts your mood.
  • Reduces your risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease.
Cocoa, the basis of virtually all chocolate sold including the unsweetened powder you buy for baking, is the result of roasting cacao, which destroys the enzymes and reduces the nutritional value. No more super food. :(

Don't fall for the idea you can eat lots of chocolate because you read that its good for you. That chocolate you're eating is loaded with sugar, which negates even further the healthy goodness of what started as raw cacao.


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