Wednesday, May 28, 2014

U-Pick Blueberries

I love summer. Nothing like getting locally grown fruits and vegetables out of my own garden, from the farmers market or from a local small farm. This week, less than 5 miles from my home, a small blueberry farm opened for picking. We showed up about noon to Once in a Blue Moon Berries. Mike, the steely blue-eyed owner of this gentlemen's farm, chatted with us out in the field while picking berries—dropping the blue beauties into our collection buckets.

Mike and Janet Suttles take great pride in their little farm, which produces three types of blueberries, including sweet  Baby Blues. They use only sustainable methods to nourish and pamper their prized berries—picking weeds by hand and treating with organic products.

Those berries looked happy and healthy.

You can find Once in a Blue Moon Berries on a bucolic country road south of the American River in El Dorado Hills, California.

Open Now Through June
9am - 4pm
Wednesday - Sunday
Once in a Blue Moon Berries
1820 Arroyo Vista Way
El Dorado Hills, CA


The Suttles encourage you to call for arranging a special time for your group. Bring a picnic and enjoy yourself.
To keep the berries at their freshest, don't wash until you're ready to eat. If you plan on freezing them, carefully wash them (use a gentle fruit/vegetable spray or vinegar and water), then spread them out on paper towels to dry thoroughly before putting them in the freezer. 
Blueberries are very good for you—high in antioxidants, with significantly higher levels found in those grown organically. You'll be happy to know that freezing will not affect the nutrients of the berry. They are indigenous to North America and were consumed by native Americans for centuries. 

Most recently, blueberries were found to help memory. For those watching their Glycemic Index (GI), blueberries are low on the scale, making them a good choice when trying to reduce sugar in the diet.

Check out this website for more health info on blueberries plus some recipes.

Feeling blue? Then go for a pick-me-up and pick some blueberries. Search for U-Pick farms close to you.

Do you like to pick your own berries and fruit? What types of fruit have you picked from a small farm?


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