Monday, May 5, 2014

OPEN: Farmer's Markets

Farmer's Markets
It's that time of the year when farmer's markets open all across the country. Each year there are more opening as the demand for locally grown food grows. Hurray! As the large farms expand by gobbling up smaller family farms and wars are waged over water to the farm fields, consumers are showing they want to buy from small local farms. Meeting the farmer and being able to quiz them on their growing methods is becoming important.

If you live in El Dorado county here are the locations and start dates for local farmer's markets:

  • Cameron Park - Burke Junction Wednesday, May 14
  • Placerville - by Sweetie Pies Saturday, May 3 
  • Placerville - Library Friday, June 6 (NEW!
  • El Dorado Hills - Town Center Sunday, May 18 
  • El Dorado Hills - Community Center Thursday, June 5 
Remember, just because it comes from a farm does not make it organic. Ask the farmers about their farming process. Some are in the process of qualifying to become certified organic, thus they already follow organic procedures in order to qualify for the certification. Others may be using organic methods, but choose not to go through the organic certification for cost reasons.

South Fork Farms, which first opened last year, is an organic farm close by. They are now open, but produce is limited due to the early season—kale and carrots are available. South Fork also makes bread, which is legendary in the area. Right next door you can purchase organic eggs for $4 per dozen still warm from the nests.

Are there farmer's markets where you live? Please leave the where and when of markets in your area in a comment below so others close to you might find out.


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