Thursday, February 7, 2013

Genetic Roulette: A Must-See Movie

I watched the film Genetic Roulette this week and became even more concerned, even horrified, about the effects of genetically modified organisms (GMO) on the health of Americans and some unsuspecting countries.

The movie was released shortly before California citizens voted on the mandatory labeling of foods that contain GMO ingredients. When the proposition qualified for the November ballot as Prop 37, support for it ran about 70%. However, Monsanto and other organizations that created and benefit from GMOs entered the fray and contributed huge resources to defeat the measure. Opponents scared consumers into thinking food costs would increase measurably based on the assertion that re-labeling added too much cost to the manufacturers.

Some manufacturers elected to prove that changing the package was part of business, oftentimes a cosmetic change, done on a regular basis and a planned expense of doing business. Straus Family Creamery proved the point by changing their labels to support the initiative.

Even though the measure failed by a small margin, the win is that more people are aware their food might contain GMO ingredients and that may not be good. Teaching the public just how "not good" GMOs are for us is what's important now. Especially as more GMO plants are being released on the public.

Educate yourself and your loved ones.

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What is your biggest concern about GMO?


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