Monday, October 17, 2011

Green Coconut Smoothie Recipe

This delicious and healthy green smoothie will keep you going all afternoon. Besides the wealth of nutrients in the veggies, the 1/4 cup of raw unsweetened coconut flakes is packed with minerals and fiber. Coconut is also rich in medium-chain triglycerides, a type of dietary fat that encourages weight loss by boosting your metabolism and curbing your appetite. Other substances in raw coconut bolster your immune function and destroys pathogens.

Are you ready for a boost? Get out your Vita Mix and start blending.

Green Coconut Smoothie

From Chris Pedersen
Yield 1 serving

Category Drink
Cuisine Healthy, Vegan

1/2 C cold water
1 ripe banana
2 celery stalks, cut into 3" pieces
1/4 C flaked unsweetened coconut
5 Swiss chard leaves
3-4 ice cubes

1. Add water, banana, celery and coconut to blender or Vita-Mix. Blend on high until blended.
2. Trim stems of chard leaves and add to blender. Blend on high until chard is blended.
3. Add a few ice cubes and blend to chill the drink.
4. Pour into tall glass and drink to your health!

What have you used coconut flakes for in a recipe?


  1. Sipping on this green goodness right now...AMAZING!

    I didn't have the chard, so I used spinach. Will try kale next time.

    I'd never thought to use the coconut, it totally mellows the "greenness" of the celery & greens. I usually resort to adding another banana or apple when needed, but from now on I'll try coconut first.

    Going to try this one out on the hubby & kiddos this morning!

    Thanks, Chris :-)

  2. How did the test go, Nancy? Steve looked pretty healthy when I saw him--no more boot. Must have been the green.

    Just finished my green smoothie... delicious!