Friday, October 7, 2011

Are Your Teeth Making You Sick?

Recently I met a woman who told me she had severe fibromyalgia that kept her from performing many basic functions, like using a keyboard, due to extreme pain. I inquired about her teeth and she mentioned most of her silver/amalgams had been replaced a few years ago with composite fillings.

Poison in Your Mouth
Often called silver fillings, amalgams are the dark, metal fillings in your mouth. Amalgams are a metal alloy composed of approximately 50% mercury. Should durable, cheap and easy to use constitute a reason to put a poison in your mouth? Everywhere else, but in your mouth, mercury is considered a dangerous and toxic material. There is considerable controversy regarding the use of mercury fillings in repairing cavities.

Every time you chew, the mercury releases as a vapor that is mostly ingested into your system. Estimates are that you absorb four times more mercury from amalgams than from fish consumption.

Controversies aside, I can tell you without a doubt that mercury in your mouth can make you sick. It happened to me.

Case Study
A number of years ago I broke a tooth with a mercury filling which then required a crown. Being ignorant about mercury fillings, the dentist drilled out the filling to prepare the tooth for the crown. He took no safety measure to assure mercury did not get released to the air or get ingested by me. Now I know that the dentist should have used procedures to mitigate the possibility of mercury getting into my system and prevent exposure to himself and contamination of his office.

A year later I came down with severe symptoms. I had painful joints and muscles that ached constantly. Sounded like fibromyalgia. Seeking the advice of a holistic doctor, who did blood and hair analysis, I found I had dangerous levels of mercury in my system. Now what?

I read Dr. Hal Huggins book It's All In Your Head ~ The Link Between Mercury Amalgams & Illness and Mercury Free by Dr. James Hardy. It helped me understand what happened and what I needed to do to get better.

Properly Remove Mercury Fillings
First, I needed the rest of my mercury fillings removed. I located a dentist that removed the mercury fillings using the appropriate protocol for safety and replaced them with composite material compatible with me based on blood tests.

Chelate Poison From Your body
Then the doctor started me on a program of chelation to remove the mercury from my body. The process was long, painful and arduous and took over a year. During the chelation process, I experienced heightened symptoms as the poison was pulled from my tissues.

The doctor did regular testing to monitor how much mercury remained. Once mercury levels began to reach safe amounts, I began to feel better. I still have no symptoms almost twenty years later.

What illness do you have that may be from mercury in your mouth?


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