Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Word (or Two) About Bread

Healthy Bread
I've never been much of a bread eater. Not so much because bread is bad, but rather if I was going to eat empty calories, I was saving that for something really good—anything dark chocolate! Okay... that was the pre-cancer me. I don't do chocolate, sugar or desserts now.

I don't expect anyone to give up bread, but think about making the bread count. By that I mean, make it a whole grain bread. I don't approve of any bread in the grocery bread aisle. Everyone of them have sugar in them, plus a list of additives that don't belong in bread. You may find a few healthy, organic brands, such as Alvarado Street Bakery, that I would approve.

Better to pick up an artisan bread made fresh at the store although the whole grain variety is not as plentiful as I'd like. I love the multi-grain bread from Costco. It comes in a two-loaf cello bag—oftentimes the bread is still warm from the oven... Yummmm. I put each loaf in a zip-lock bag and freeze them until needed.

Remember to eat bread sparingly (see #3 in A Diet That Works). It breaks down to sugar quickly and stores as fat. Just remember these simple guidelines: limit bread and make it whole grain.

What's your favorite bread? Don't be afraid to tell me. I'm assuming you're not making a meal of it... you're not are you? =^)


  1. Jennie, thanks for the reminder about Ezekiel Bread. They are sprouted whole grain breads, wonderfully healthy and can be eaten by those who avoid gluten. Look for them in a freezer or refrigerated section of the bread aisle.

    Also the franchise Great Harvest Bread Company has healthy breads baked fresh at the store. Check their website for store locations.

  2. Ezekiel Bread is my favorite, and right now my staple as I'm on a gluten, sugar, dairy free eatting plan for about a month. A second favorite is brown rice tortillas - that with some Cilanto/Lime hummus from Trader Joes is heaven in my mouth!

  3. Oooooo! I must try the Cilantro/Lime hummus!