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Vitae Elixxir is a proprietary combination of ten disease-fighting herbs used for over 40 years helping thousands of people with serious health issues. It was developed by a brilliant layman who treated his own terminal cancer with the ingredients found in Vitae Elixxir. Its ‘roots’ literally go back to an old American-Indian herbal mix (including bloodroot and jewelweed) used for generations as a powerful herbal remedy.
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Apricot Power offers premium B17 capsules and tablets made by extracting Amygdalin from apricot seeds—meaning you get pure high potency B17. In addition, all Apricot Power products have been tested by independent labs for potency and purity.

Some companies undercut prices by offering inferior products—selling sweet, not bitter, seeds which have no B17. Apricot power sells only fresh California grown apricot seeds from the current season's crop. You always get the highest quality products available! 
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Abundant Life Healing Information and Ordering
Abundant Life Healing offers personal and skin care solutions, salves, herbal tinctures and specialty teas. Each product is hand-crafted from herbs and the finest natural ingredients—nothing artificial. Simply made with love from the gifts God has given us in his creation.
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Purple Carrot Books is Healthy Journey Cafe's publishing arm currently focussed on the very best children’s content. Our books embody innovation, education and fun in a world of adventure and imagination. Teaching kids life skills, good habits and positive attitudes without it feeling like education. We call it learning entertainment. A hopeful and healthy future awaits your child.

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