Saturday, October 5, 2019

Day Visit To A Cancer Clinic

My dear friend is coming home today from a cancer clinic in Tijuana, Mexico. Lu was diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian cancer mid-August—a mere 6 weeks ago. After much prayer, looking for clarity and experiencing several clarifying signs, she decided to forego the chemo recommended and go to Hope 4 Cancer in Mexico.

I was thrilled!

I know from many people I have met, that going straight to a holistic treatment approach is the best possible scenario to heal the cancer. It is difficult to heal cancer after the body has been compromised via chemo, radiation and surgery. These treatments weaken the immune system and cause permanent damage. Weakening the immune system deals a blow to the body—you need a strong immune system. The body is created to heal itself given the right fuel and environment (diet, sleep, exercise and attitude).

Hope 4 Cancer is my suggestion to anyone looking to heal their cancer. I have met and listened to Dr. Tony Jimenez, MD, ND, CNC, Founder and Chief Medical Officer for Hope 4 Cancer. Check out his bio as well as other doctors at the clinic.

Before going on about my visit and what I learned at Hope 4 Cancer, I'll let you know that Lu experienced an improvement in her test numbers and a 66% reduction in the cancer mass after 3 weeks at the clinic.

My Adventure to Mexico
Turns out my schedule for last week took me to Anaheim. My husband was attending a conference there. When Lu signed up to go down to Mexico for treatment, I immediately began to plan a side trip to go visit her at the clinic. Despite being a bit hesitant to cross the border by myself, everything fell into place to make it happen.

I drove to San Diego from Anaheim and stayed with a friend who lives 3 miles from the border. On Thursday morning she dropped me off at the border pedestrian bridge. I walked across and met Lu's husband and the clinic driver at the other end of the bridge, then was transported to the clinic, which is across the street from the ocean and 1/4 mile from the border.

I got a quick tour of the facility then met up with Lu in her spacious room with ensuite bathroom in time for her next therapy. The Indiba machine is radio frequency-based. In general it accelerates healing and restores the body to health. It generates two different frequencies (one hot and one cold), which are administered one after the other. The hot frequency disrupts the cancer cell membrane (a cloaking mechanism that keeps the cancer cell from being identified by the immune system) and destroys (burns) it. The cold frequency penetrates the cancer cell and destroys it from the inside. This is serious "kick butt" therapy!

Scripture for Lu from a fellow patient.

A vision I had for Lu.

Lu had already done her Full Body Hyperthermia treatment (her least fav therapy) before I arrived. This therapy is nicknamed The Pizza Oven. Can you see why? It heats up to at most 104°F. The extreme heat kills cancer cells... and you sweat a lot, which becomes a good detox.

The next treatment was the Lumen Photon Therapy, used to excite an enzyme in the cell's mitochondria to increase natural healing energy.

And every day Lu saw the in-house therapist to help identify any issues that may be blockages to healing, such as childhood trauma, unforgiveness, anger, etc.

Dr. Tony's 7 Principles dictate the path to healing at the clinic. It's also the emphasis of his new book Hope for Cancer—available on the clinic website.

Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO) treatment uses high pressure to increase the amount of oxygen a person can breathe, which puts more oxygen into the bloodstream. Cancer does not like oxygen—it grows in an anaerobic environment. One hour in the HBO capsule (See Lu waving from inside?) is another part of each patient's protocol.

I was able to do a few rounds of the Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields (PEMF) machine—a device that sat outside Lu's room. Each round is only 3 minutes. By stimulating tissue at a cellular level, this machine is used to improve circulation and cell metabolism. PEMF reminded me of my TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) device at home, which I use to stimulate healing when I have tissue injuries. It makes my muscles twitch and jump.

I enjoyed lunch at the clinic. Wow! All organic and very fresh. Lunch was a piece of wild-caught salmon over a bed of perfectly cooked zucchini topped with a turmeric sauce. Plus I made a small salad at the salad bar (lettuces, sprouts, carrots, beets, peppers and pumpkin seeds).

 Lu was finishing her IV Vitamin C drip (3 hours long) during lunch. She also did B17 drips.

I enjoyed a walk outside to the border where a really good band played—it appeared they were filming a music video. A small crowd gathered to enjoy the sounds.

For dinner Dave and I went down the street to the Huerto Urbano Kitchen—an all organic restaurant. I chose the portabella mushroom sandwich on gluten-free bread and a delicious shake with strawberries and cacao. Everything they serve is made fresh in the restaurant.

A few other therapies Lu did every day included:

  • Near Infrared Sauna for detoxing heavy metals, industrial chemicals and even chronic infections.
  • Coffee enemas to detox the liver and gall bladder so they can do a better job of removing additional toxins released from the body tissues during treatments.
  • Near Infrared Heat Lamp, which penetrates 3 inches into the body, heals hard to reach areas of viruses, bacteria, parasites and cancer cells.
  • Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy (SPDT) works with a non-toxic sensitizer that adheres to the cancer cells thus allowing light and sound of selected wavelengths to instantly kill them. 
I know she had a few other therapies selected specifically for her, many supplements that build the immune system and help kill the cancer cells, plus a personalized diet plan.

Once Lu is home, she will continue therapies she brought back with her. She will go back to the clinic periodically to adjust things and check progress of the healing for the next year.

I am certain that with God's grace and mercy and all the many people praying for her, she will be healed and enjoy a long life.

Have you experienced going to a clinic that offered non-toxic, non-harming healing therapies for yourself or a family/friend? Tell us about them.


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