Sunday, July 3, 2016

Making Smoothies with Seasonal Fruit

Recently I changed my juicing/smoothie routine to maximize the nutrition I get. Seasonal fruit boosts the nutrition of your smoothies with added fiber and antioxidants.

First, I juice veggies (kale, chard, mixed baby lettuce, carrots, celery, cilantro, beets, ginger, etc). Then I transfer the juice to my blender and add a piece or two of fruit (apple, cantaloupe, mango, pears, fresh berries, etc) and blend for one minute.

What this combination accomplishes is a highly nutritious drink with concentrated nutrients from the veggies and blended fruit with all the benefits of eating whole fruit.

Adding a variety of fruits to your diet has great benefits. They provide essential nutrients and vitamins including potassium, Vitamin C, and folate. Fruits also provide necessary fiber, which helps moderate the effect their sugar has on insulin, thus reducing diabetes and heart disease. In addition, fruit adds such beautiful color to any meal!

Best to get fruit from a local source and in season, which assures the fruit has optimum nutrition. Check out this seasonal fruit chart created by Shari's Berries showing over 50 fruits by peak season.

Keep in mind that seasonal fruits can vary from year to year depending on the weather. An area with extreme cold or heat could have a shorter availability and growing season. Best to check with the grocer to learn which fruits are in season. You are especially likely to get fruit in season at your local farmer's market.

Happy 4th of July!


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