Friday, June 10, 2016

What You Should Know About the New Cancer Drugs

If you watch any TV, you are continually bombarded with ads for drugs. Did you catch the ad for Opdivo in the barrage? This immunotherapy drug for lung cancer is the first of many to hit the market. It promises to significantly increase the chance of living longer versus chemotherapy. But if you pay attention to the ad, you'll learn that the drug could cause severe organ damage and death. If the patient survives all that, they may only live three months longer. What? Only THREE months? And at what quality of life?

Watch the commercial, but don't be distracted by the older folks that look so hopeful, happy and even healthy. Instead read the fine print that appears on the bottom and then listen as they rattle off the side effects.

This stuff makes me crazy. I do not understand how anyone would find this good! The commercial finishes with a sick (IMO) tribute to the patients who participated in the trial for approval—some of whom died while others experienced serious reactions or damage. Read for yourself what patients in the trial went through.

Immunotherapy Drugs are the Next Big Thing
This class of drugs is the darling of Big Pharma. Companies developing these new drugs have enjoyed nice profits for Wall Street investors.

Have you heard of Cancer Moonshot 2020? As stated on its website, it is "the nation’s most comprehensive cancer collaborative initiative seeking to accelerate the potential of combination immunotherapy as the next generation standard of care in cancer patients."

At What Cost?
Folks, they are going all out for this immunotherapy drug approach. It's big! But again at what expense (dollars and health) to the patient?

It's all about finding a drug to cure cancer because drug companies can't make money off of telling people they can boost their immune system (the ultimate fighter of disease in the body) by eating a mostly plant-based diet that builds your body with the nutrients it needs to control and subdue cancer.

This whole immunotherapy drug approach is a huge deal to the drug companies who have been making money off of expensive chemotherapy drugs that have been around for a long time.  Now they feel they can assault the immune system and make it respond with drugs to quell the cancer.

Well... I don't believe for a minute people will be helped by these new drugs any more than chemotherapy drugs have worked. In fact, leaving many who survive with lasting damage. This is not the way to cure cancer, but (consciously or unconsciously) is more about keeping people cycling through the expensive medical system for more treatment.

What Really Heals Cancer?
I am a living example of the cure for cancer. Cancer is a symptom of a sick body and through personal control of lifestyle choices such as diet (plant-based organic), exercise, proper sleep and stress-free living the cancer can be healed. I’ve done it for my genetic cancer and many others I know have healed their cancer (prostate, breast cancer, etc.) with the same (although adjusted for their body needs) protocols.

Bottom line—I understand that cancer is complex, but, to put it simply, I do not believe it happens because we lack the right drugs. Think about it!


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