Monday, August 17, 2015

FREE Cancer Guide

I’d like to introduce you to a good friend of mine, Marcus Freudenmann. You may have heard of him or his work, but if not I’ll briefly fill you in.

Marcus began his journey back in 2000 when his best friend was killed by the side effects of chemo. He was overcome with frustration about the lack of clear guidance if one decides NOT to have chemo. He promised himself that he would change that. In fact he promised to change the way cancer was treated in this world.

After several years of traveling around the world, from Asia to Europe, Mexico, USA and Canada, to gather information from the best practitioners on the planet, he put together the movie: CANCER is curable NOW, wrote a book: Healing Cancer with Common Sense, and consolidated all of his knowledge and experience into the TRULY HEAL academy where he educates health coaches and practitioners from all around the world in the most comprehensive cancer protocol ever created.

After laying the foundation with the TRULY HEAL academy for health professionals, he has now put together a massive amount of information and condensed it into the

"FREE CANCER GUIDE for patients and caregivers."

In this FREE CANCER GUIDE Marcus teaches you a very comprehensive self awareness protocol divided into 4 sections:

• SPIRITUAL: Your purpose and your motivation to live.
• MENTAL: Your mental and emotional state and how you handle life.
• VITAL: Your bad habits and daily lifestyle choices.
• PHYSICAL: Your physical health and whether you have infections, inflammation, toxicity, deficiencies, dental problems, gut related problems or hormone imbalances.

By following this guide, you will learn the means and the methods necessary to treat and prevent cancer and many other chronic degenerative diseases.

I suggest you click here and see what Marcus has created for you. I am certain you’ll be as thrilled as I am at what he has to share.


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