Thursday, February 5, 2015

What Happened to My Bread?

Missing Bread
Shopping list in hand, I flashed my Costco card and made a beeline for the back of the warehouse.  I searched the racks of fresh-baked breads. Hmmmm?

"This one's still warm," said one shopper as she picked up a loaf. Yup. That's what I was hoping for— picking up my favorite fresh baked bread to find it still warm from the oven. Something very appealing about that.

After my second pass by the two short rows of bread, I proceeded to the baking area where employees worked like busy bees to place freshly-baked breads on the waiting shelves.

"I was looking for the double-loaf of whole-grain bread in the paper-wrap."

"It's been discontinued. We stopped making that bread two weeks ago," said the soft-spoken woman. Subliminal message—where have you been the past two weeks?

Whaaaaa! That can't be! I've been buying that bread for years. I send my readers to buy that bread at Costco. How could this be?

That lovely loaf of whole-grain bread was pure. You know what I mean? It had only whole grains peppered with healthy nuts and seeds—it had whole millet seeds for crying out loud. No oil and no SUGAR. What has the world come to?

I lowered my head and walked back out to the rows of bread and picked up a facsimile wrapped in cellophane. It was squishy. Yeah, it had nuts and seeds on top, but you could have wadded it up into a small ball and pitched it across the warehouse. Plus reading the label revealed plenty of added unnecessary ingredients (soy and SUGAR for starters). MY bread would stand still when submitted to the knife for cutting. This one would have smushed flat and likely sprung back only half way—daring to be wadded up into a ball...

Well. I guess that does it. There is no longer any decent bread to buy. Fine! In the post A Word (Or Two) About Bread, I preached we should not eat bread anyway. It turns too quickly to SUGAR.

I guess we all weren't buying enough of the delicious and healthy whole-grain (no SUGAR) bread. After all, the last time I bought... correction... the last double loaf I bought was over a month ago. All I got left is the meager chunk shown in pictures here {sniff}. I'll have to ration it out now that I know it's the last of it's kind. Or perhaps I should enshrine it in the Museum of Extinct Foods That Contain No SUGAR.

FYI, I perused the organic breads at Costco and did not find even one without SUGAR. Proof! The world is about to come to an end.

What's your favorite bread? True confessions. I won't tell. 


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