Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Word About HealthCare

Health Insurance
Tis the season. Well... not what you might be thinking. It's open enrollment season for health insurance sign-ups. Ads to that effect are filling up our email inbox and snail mailbox, and bombarding us while watching TV or listening to the radio.

Although I do have health insurance (the kind the ads are all about), I'm insured more securely by what goes on in my kitchen. Starting with what I add to my shopping cart and ending with what I put in my mouth.

And it costs me a small fraction of what the other insurance costs.

My friends at Food Matters echo what I've always said as we endure the groaning on and on over national healthcare. For great heath tips and related videos, including the film that started it all—Food Matters, check out

While we're on the subject, can I just say... The term healthcare (used ad nauseam when referring to the Affordable Health Care Act) is complete misuse of the language. The more appropriate term should be Disease Management.

What are you doing to insure you are healthy?


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