Friday, July 18, 2014

How to Change a Bully

Ethan Blecher Braves a Bully chapter book
Many of you know I'm a children's author and today I'm pleased to announce my latest book, Ethan Blecher Braves a Bully, is officially launched. Volume 1 of this new series with Ethan Blecher navigates the struggles every child might encounter in elementary school. Parents and teachers will appreciate that it's a fun read for kids, but not irreverent.

Our "every child" hero finds himself the focus of a bully in his new school. His parents decide to send him to spring camp hoping he will make some friends, but the outlook turns terrifying when his nemesis shows up. Find out if Ethan's fearful attitude and shy nature get the best of him or will he muster some courage and stand up to the bully?

The sensitive issue of bullying is a timely subject in our culture today. It is a huge problem by the time kids enter middle school. Too many young children have tragically taken their own lives because they were being bullied at that tender age. Emotional trauma realized by kids in their tweens is so engrained they feel trapped.

It's important for kids to have a healthy self-esteem and positive emotional attitude so they feel empowered to confront kids that would put them down. Sometimes that confronting is simply ignoring the bully—not giving them the power to get what they want—an emotional response (e.g., fear, tears, etc) from the victim so the bully can feel superior.

Ethan Blecher Braves a Bully, early reader/chapter book for kids reading on their own (ages 5 to 10 years old), is a great tool for teaching kids the value of kindness and forgiveness. Most schools have anti-bullying programs. Including a fun story along side the program allows kids to discover a solution on their own through the experience of a fictional character. Kids more readily embrace what they discover on their own rather than a program that tells them what to do.

To kick off the official launch, I will be signing books at our local independent bookstore Face in a Book in El Droado Hills, California.

Book Signing at Face in a Book 
Saturday, July 19th 
11am - 1pm  
4359 Town Center Blvd 
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

If you're in town, please come by to say "Hi."


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