Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wisdom Wednesday

To make sure you are getting healthy and fresh olive oil, remember these tips:
  • Buy only extra-virgin olive oil (that means it's pressed cold, thus protecting the oils from spoilage).
  • Store tightly covered in a cool, dark place (oils will degrade when exposed to oxygen, heat and light). Don't keep your olive oil on the counter—it is not for decoration.
  • Buy locally grown and bottled—not from Italy. That way you know it's fresh.
Oils that are old should be thrown out. If it tastes bad—it is bad.

Be diligent about the freshness of your oils (not just olive oil). Oils that are over-heated and gone rancid due to oxidation are actually hazardous to your health. That's right! Fats can heal and fats can kill.


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