Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Conquering Illness: A Personal Story

Jeff Dyrek in Longyearbyen on Spitsbergen Island, Norway
Recently Jeff Dyrek wrote to me to tell his story of how Vitae Elixxir helped him recover from a health condition that doctors were unable to help. During service to his country, a serious accident that should have killed him caused damage to numerous areas of his body and exacted a toll which lasted thirty years. Read Dyrek's story of the accident and what followed. The illusive health condition was killing him with pain—and, for a time, he thought he would die. His personal story of what herbs can do to help the body heal is quite striking. Here is his story
"I now live in Illinois and I'm 59 years old. In 1977 I had a real bad accident while in the Navy. Doctors treated me with all kinds of medicine after only a five-minute exam. 
Nothing worked. In fact, I became very ill from all of the drugs they gave me over many years.
Dyrek with world's most intact woolly mammoth at the North Pole
I had swollen glands—extremely swollen for thirty years. The doctors would all say the same thing, "Well, a lot of people have swollen glands." And then they would make up a disease for me and give me more drugs. 
I was an electronics engineer and I lost my job, my house and everything that I owned because of this illness and gave the doctors countless dollars.
Thirty years ago when I lived in California I met Robert who put me in contact with Bud and Georgia. They sent me Vitae Elixxir drops and the Foot Soak kit. 
Siamak Hatami, first Iranian to the North Pole (L), Dr. Sanaie, Iran Ambassador to Russia (center) and Dyrek (R) in 2002
I started the elixir and I could feel a little improvement in several days. Then Robert called me on the phone to see what was happening and I told him I was just taking the elixir. He screamed at me and said to use the Foot Soak. 
So that's what I did. This is going to be hard to believe, but it is the absolute truth. I used the Foot Soak, and only one hour after the first use, the [swollen] glands were totally gone and my constant freezing feeling went away. That was three years ago. 
Also, my friends wife had breast cancer and I told him about this [Vitae Elixxir]. He didn't believe me because the doctors were so smart and went through so many schools and they had all of the answers.
Dyrek at the North Pole (2003)
They removed both of her breast. She still had the cancer so they gave her chemo therapy. That didn't work so she had radiation treatment—and that didn't work. The doctors said that her condition was terminal and there was nothing they could do. Out of desperation he gave her the herbal medicine and now her cancer is totally gone. 
I keep watching that commercial with the lady who looks absolutely terrible from smoking since she was a teen. She died. I keep thinking that if she took these herbal medicines, she would still be beautiful like she was in high school. 
There is a documentary called Shaman's Apprentice that everyone should watch. It's about a shaman in the Amazon who uses herbal medicine to cure even diabetes. 
What I wrote is absolutely true. Due to my friend's help from California, my life is so much better. 
Thank you Robert, Bud and Georgia, you really helped me a whole lot."
C. Jeff Dyrek, Disabled Vet, Webmaster. 
Thank you, Jeff, for your inspiring story.


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