Thursday, January 10, 2013

Whole Grain Rice Krispy Treats

I can hear you now, "Oh, no! Not more sweets! I've had too much at the holidays and now I'm crackin' down and on my New Year's diet."

Well, not to worry. This is a healthy desserteven alkalizing in the body.

I've been looking for a healthy recipe to replace the old marshmallow rice krispy treats we all remember as kids and some still make. Got one in my inbox as a video from a website I follow and wanted to pass it on to you.

You can make up the batter in 15 minutes. Than you'll spend some time... forming it into balls and rolling them in coconut. Of course that makes them very different looking than the original rice krispy treats so if you're in a hurry, you can press the batter into a pan and cut them into squares instead. With or without the coconut. However, the coconut serves the purpose of making them less sticky.

Whole Grain Rice Krispy Treats

Yield 3 dozen
Category dessert
Cuisine vegan, gluten-free

1 C peanut (or almond) butter (creamy or chunky)
1/2 C raw honey
1/2 C brown rice syrup
3 Tbsp chia seeds
4-5 C brown rice cereal
1 C unsweetened coconut flakes

1. Mix nut butter with honey and rice syrup until smooth.
2. Blend in chia seeds. Add rice cereal and carefully stir to mix. 
3. Form into balls and roll in coconut flakes.
4. Enjoy!

Despite the peanut or almond butter in these cookies, you may only catch a glimpse of nutty flavor. What about the chia seeds? They are rich in essential oils (Omega -3), fiber, 4 grams of protein per ounce of seeds and add no flavor. Chia seeds contribute to the nutritional value of these cookies.

So how about that for a little snack to add to your new eating-style for the New Year.

What have you planned to change in your diet for the New Year?


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