Monday, October 29, 2012

Healthy Halloween Treats

Healthy Halloween Treats
I love the dress-up part of Halloween. When our son was young, I enjoyed coming up with fun costumes. One year I made a tyrannosaurus rex costume and my husband and I dressed as cave man and woman. We won best group costume at our community Halloween Festival as the Prehistoric Family.
Halloween Costume
What I don't like is all the candy.

Lots of sugar gets consumed even before we hand out candy to trick or treaters calling at our door (of course not in my household). Seeing all those tiny (and some not so tiny) kids dressed as their favorite hero, princess or ghoulish figure at your door is part of the fun of Halloween. But we don't have to give them candy.

This year we expect lots of kids from our new neighborhood and I was determined to give out healthy treats.

I went to the Dollar Store and spent $10 getting multi-packs of erasers, pencils, bling rings, dinosaurs, frogs and bugs.
Healthy Halloween Treats

It's all in a bowl ready to hand out. Non-consumable, sugar-less treats that kids can appreciate and enjoy long after the sugar high is gone.

I have a feeling parents will like coming to our door next year.

What do you do to break the tradition of giving out candy to trick or treaters?


  1. Since we live on a busy street, we haven't had spooks ever since we lived here. But before that I gave out nickles and dimes. I like your idea better.