Sunday, May 15, 2011

Farmer's Market Now OPEN

Golden Apricots
Watching the thunder storm in the West heading our way, I went from church to the first Sunday of our local Farmer's Market at Town Center in El Dorado Hills. There was a break in the weather following plenty of rain the night before and more the previous hour. I followed an SUV with fresh snow piled on the rear-mounted spare wheel as I headed West down the hill two freeway exits from my church.

Grabbing my shopping bag, camera and money, I moved swiftly to check out the market, hoping to make my purchases and get back before the rain struck again—this time with thunder and lightening.

Sweet Pink-Meat Pummelos Grapefruit
Sweet Cherries
Succulents in Containers by Gigi Diker of Folsom, CA
Red Onions
Beautiful Fresh Flowers from Thao Ranch, Galt, CA
With purchases in tow, I walked briskly to the car, hearing thunder not far away. I made it home (five minutes from the market) just in time to get Brandy in the house before the heavens poured down hail.

Town Center Market purchases:
  • Apricots, Cherries, Pummelo—Hamlow Ranches, Turlock
  • Radishes—Mellifera Farms, Somerset
  • Red Onions, Chard—Thao Ranch, Galt
What did you get at the Farmer's Market this week? Scroll down and leave a comment.


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