Friday, April 1, 2011

The Three Amigos

Yesterday I met with my friend, Debbie, and she introduced me to Katy. Debbie and Katy both have cancer—lymphoma. Plus, Katy has cancer of the tongue. Debbie was diagnosed in December last year and Katy has had cancer for almost two years.

The three of us belong to a unique club. Shunning the conventional treatment route of surgery/radiation/chemotherapy, we instead elected to take personal responsibility. We eat a healthy diet of mostly live foods, eat nothing artificial and nurture ourselves to keep stress low. Debbie and Katy are brave women. Debbie's oncologist has denied her FMLA leave request because she has refused chemotherapy. So much for choice.

We chatted while sipping our green tea telling each other our stories. Katy lives in Canada where she and her husband operate an organic farm and sell their crops at farmer's markets. Flying to Sacramento, California for therapy at Dr. Lubecki's clinic, Katy met Debbie while they were undergoing an ionic foot bath, one of several therapies Dr. Lubecki administers to rid the body of toxins so it can heal itself.

Even at the clinic, Katy and Debbie are unique. Most patients have undergone conventional treatment and ended up at Dr. Lubecki's because they had no other option, or their cancer had returned and they sought a healthier approach.

Not many choose to go the personal responsibility route despite the evidence that eating healthy will make you healthy. I've been reading many blogs in the past three months, finding a plethora of sites that embrace a healthy food diet like this Raw Food Diet site. Those who act decisively on the knowledge they gain about healthy food choices are less likely to face the cancer challenges that Debbie and Katy have.


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