Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Keep Your Vegetables and Fruit Fresher Longer

Now that you've been buying more vegetables to get healthy, how do you keep them from going bad before you can eat them? When I started my diet, eating lots more vegetables, I needed a way to keep them fresh as long as possible. Proper food storage is important. I threw out lots of vegetables in the past and I didn't want that to happen—it gets expensive. Wondering if the Debbie Meyer Green Bags I'd seen on TV were any good, I picked up a box when I saw them in the grocery produce section.

Time to put the green bags to the test.

Bananas went in a green bag in a bowl on my island in the kitchen. Each vegetable and fruit type got its own bag. Red and orange peppers went in one bag, and varieties of summer squash went together in another bag.

Directions for the bags say to make sure the produce is dry before placing in a bag. Then fold over to close—do not use ties. From time to time wipe out the moisture that forms in the bag. You'll extend the life of your veggies and fruit and make fewer trips to the grocery store.

These bags work by absorbing and removing the ethylene gas that ripening produce gives off, accelerating its deterioration. The bags made a big difference in saving my produce.

Oh... one more thing. The bags are reusable 8 - 10 times. So you get bags that make your vegetables last longer and the bags last even longer... much longer.

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  1. Thanks for posting this! Seems like I start to eat unhealthy right around the time all my produce goes bad (which is surprisingly fast!). I'll get the Hefty ones first and try them out! <3 -Sara